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  1. Registration
  2. Bidding starts now
  3. Accepting bids
  4. Bidding increments
  5. Auction closing
  6. Payment
  7. Winning bids and shipping
  8. Authenticity
  9. Non-payment by buyer
  10. Choice of law
  11. Disclaimers, etc.
  12. Interpretation, etc.
  13. Acceptance of conditions
All bidding is in EUR (€).

I. Registration

Customers hereinafter are referred to as bidders and/or buyers.

After you fill and submit the registration form you will receive the confirmation e-mail. Click on the link there to activate your accout. Your registration stays valid for all future auctions. Username and password remains valid unless changed by the registered user. If you have forgotten your password, you can get a new one by clicking on forgot password the link to get a new password will be sent to you.

We verify selected active bidders by phone during auctions. If you get a phonecall from +421 number in Slovakia, please pick it, that should be us. There is currently no registration and verification fee. If you have problems registering, you may reach us at or contact our programmer directly at

II. Bidding start

You may begin bidding as soon as your account is active. Active auction is visible at front page of Only online bidding is accepted. If you are having problems bidding, please contact

III. Accpeting bids

Once a bid is placed, it may not be retracted for any reason.HOKEJ-SHOP.SK reserves the right to accept or refuse any bids. If a user is unverified during the auction and doesn't answer on phonecall, SMS or e-mail attempts to verify his account, his bids might be removed.

IV. Bidding increments

Items will be sold to the highest bidder. The current high bid can be raised by any ammoun from 1 EUR up. HOKEJ-SHOP.SK reserves the right to accept or refuse any and all bids according to rules and conditions. If a user is unverified during the auction and doesn't answer on phonecall, SMS or e-mail attempts to verify his account, his bids might be removed. Once a bid is placed, it may not be retracted for any reason.

V. Auction closing

There is countdown in every auctioned item. The auction ends when the countdown reaches zero and bids doesn't come in in the last minute. If countdown reaches zero, and there is a bid recorded in the final minute of the auction, there is additional 2 minutes added to the auction time. Auction continues until there is no bid coming in, 2 minutes after the last one. In other words, auction of every single item is opened for as long there are bids coming in the extended period of 2 minutes from the last recorded bid, but not later than 12:00 PM (CET - Central European Time) (You can check what's the time in Slovakia here

VI. Payment

All winning bidders will be contacted by e-mail with details of payments and shipping. If you don't receive e-mail from us, please contact us. Methods of payment accepted will be PayPal or credit card payment through secure payment gateway of our bank.

VII. Winning bids and shipping

If not decided otherwise, all invoices will include a charge for shipping. Winning bidders are also responsible for any other costs related to shipping: customs, duties, taxes or brokerage. Shipping rates might vary depending on size and weight of shipped items. All items will be shipped within 7 business days of receipt of payment, or sooner, depending on circumstances. If there is no possibility to send items by post, UPS, or similar shipping service will be used.

VIII. Authenticity

We make sure everything we sell is 100% authentic. The items auctioned are provided by clubs or players, who are responsible for authenticity of the items. If possible, we always ship auctioned items with certificate (or letter) of authenticity.

IX. Non-payment by buyer

Buyer agrees to pay all of HOKEJ-SHOP.SK costs, including attorney's fees, incurred in attempting to collect any sums due to HOKEJ-SHOP.SK from buyer. HOKEJ-SHOP.SK will proceed legally against any bidder who attempts to reneg on a winning bid(s) and reserves the right to invoke all available remedies under the terms of this agreement and applicable law.

X. Choice of Law

Any and all disputes or conflicts arising between the Bidder and HOKEJ-SHOP.SK and/or out of this agreement shall be decided under the law of Slovakia. Bidder consents to personal jurisdiction in Slovak Republic. In the event of a dispute, the bidder agrees to pay all of the auctioneers reasonable attorney fees and cost involved in collection of funds, plus 1.5% interest per month on any unpaid balance, accruing from the original due date, until the date all balances are paid.

XI. Disclaimers, etc.

HOKEJ-SHOP.SK also reserves the right to invoke any and all defenses and/or rights available under the terms of this agreement, applicable law and the commercial laws of Slovak Republic. HOKEJ-SHOP.SK cannot be held responsible for any issues pertaining to the World Wide Web, web traffic or server problems. If any issues of this nature arise during the final day of the auction, HOKEJ-SHOP.SK will, at its sole discretion, decide whether to honor the auction as it stands or choose to add additional time to all lots. HOKEJ-SHOP.SK also reserves the right to accept or refuse any and all bids.

XII. Interpretation, etc.

Each term and provision of these Conditions of Sale shall be construed as separate and distinct. In the event that any such term or provision shall be held whole by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, in whole or in part, the remaining terms and provisions shall survive and be binding on both parties. These terms and conditions shall constitute the entire agreement between HOKEJ-SHOP.SK and bidder.

XIII. Acceptance of conditions

Registering and/or Placement of a bid in this auction constitutes full acceptance of all of these terms and conditions with the intent to be legally bound.

Rules based on Thank you.