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Welcome to Ice Hockey Auctions regularly organizes auctions of game-worn hockey jerseys and memorabilia of Slovak hockey teams and players.

On this page you can see currently running auction. Watch countdown for exact closing time. For instruction how auction works read auction rules

Enjoy yourself

If you are active bidder, expect call from us during auction to validate your account. We will call from +421 908 709 441.

If you are interested in production of souvenirs and jerseys for your team, check our page:

Current auction


The record auction of purple HC Slovan Bratislava jerseys broke all long-lasting records. Overall extract from auction 32 562 € which is 980 962 former Slovak crowns. the most expensive jersey was the purple jersey of Miroslav Šatan 3652 EUR (former 110 020, -Sk). Second in order was Michel Miklík with a final amount of 2650 Euros. Very well sold also the jerseys of the mascot Harvy (2000 Eur), Jaroslav Janus (1800 Eur), or Michal Vondrka (1746 Eur). Auction proceeds were given to the Association for Pediatric Oncology.

The most expensive auctioned jersey was until December 2013 the jersey of Miroslav Šatan with the number 81 from the match Slovan vs. NY Rangers. Then a retro jersey by Slavicist Marek Uram worth 45 & nbsp; 025, -Sk. We auctioned in Mikulášské jerseys clubs Nitry, Martina. Jerseys of Slovan, Zvolen and Trenčín. Retro Slavic jerseys and many other interesting ones pieces. The second highest amount collected is SKK 358,811 in the auction of Slovan retro jerseys.